You don't have to spend a fortune to look GREAT!  All you have to do is shop with us.

We Specialize in:

* Women's (including Junior, Misses, and Plus)
* Accessories (Belts, Shoes & Purses)
* Maternity
* Infants & Childrens
* Costume Jewelry
* Decorative Household Items

                          Rules for Consigning

1.       Consigning is seasonal.  We accept Spring/Summer items from February 1st through June 30th.  We accept Fall/Winter items from August 1st through December 31st.

2.       We do not accept clothing from Wal-Mart or Kmart as we cannot price it high enough to be beneficial to the store or you.  We are at capacity and find it more beneficial to reserve that space for better quality clothing. 

3.       We do not accept items in garbage bags.  We find these items not properly prepared and are unable to put them on the selling floor due to wrinkling.  Clothes should be freshly laundered, on hangers, ready to tag and put on the sales floor.  That means no wrinkles.  If it needs steaming we will not accept it.  The better your items look, the more money we can help you earn!  It is all about the presentation.

4.        We will be glad to give you your hangers back or we can swap them out with some of our hangers.

5.       No missing buttons, stains, tears, etc.

6.       No smoke or mothball scents.

7.       In-Style items only purchased within the last few years.

8.       We will not accept garage/yard sale items that did not sell.

9.       Please presort your items and take out any items with stains, tears, or are outdated.

10.   Limit 25 items each time. 

11.   Please call and set up an appointment before bringing in items.  We try to be accommodating and are working toward getting your items on the sales floor the day you bring them in so we would appreciate your understanding.

12.   We will keep your items on the selling floor 90 days (usually longer).  You will receive 50% of the selling price.  After your consignment period is over you can reclaim your unsold items or we will be glad to donate them for you.

Present Consignors - You can check your consignment account 24/7 by clicking on the following link.  Choose Sweet Repeats from the drop down menu and enter your Consignor number and last name to login.  Questions???  Please call us.